Materials Used For Flat Roof Construction

There are several types of materials that can be used for flat roof construction. One of which is Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM). The flat roofs installed with EPDM are made with rubber materials, are extremely durable and look slightly like an inner tube rubber. The maintenance on an EPDM roof is very low and if leaks do occur they are rather easy to repair. These are very easy flat roofs to install as the materials are easy to use, however, an EPDM flat roof could leak due to rodents and birds eating them (apparently they are quite tasty if you’re a squirrel).

Another option is felt; there are many traditional flat roofs that were installed with felt, however, felt has many drawbacks. The felt used for a flat roof is very flexible which also means it would be also easily stretched. When it rains the water will puddle up and collect in the areas of the roof that are weak and soft. When the weight of the water builds up the felt will stretch further and cause sagging, more pooling and leaks. Over time the felt is stretched to extremes and the excess amounts of water pooling will weaken the felt and begin to distort the roof.

The water builds up and causes warping, cracking and twisting of the wood that is used for the framing, eventually coming into the house. The damage is not very noticeable at first but, over time the damage becomes so extensive the roof is not the only repair or replacement that will be required.

By having your old flat roofs replaced with fiberglass flat roofs or GRP roofing you can be assured that from the very moment they’re fitted your home will no longer be at risk from water damage caused by roofs simply not designed to cope with the amount of wet weather we experience in the UK.

The most widely recommended flat roof construction material is fiberglass or Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP). The use of GRP is quick to install, lasts much longer than a traditional felt flat roof and requires little to no maintenance. The materials do not stretch like the felt materials and there is safety from water damage. The UK is known for high volumes of wet weather so having a flat roof made with materials to withstand the degree of moisture is a necessity.

The materials used in GRP flat roofs are non-corrosive, hard wearing, economical as well as friendly to the environment. GRP roofs require very low maintenance, are fire retardant, have no seams for water to penetrate and are available in a number of great color options for decorative finishes. The flat roof constructed with GRP will last for years without deterioration. When Topseal is used it also comes with a twenty five year guarantee. A flat roof made from GRP is a rigid material and should be installed by a BBA approved flat roofer in order to ensure they are using the approved materials for best results.

So when it comes to flat roof construction we recommend using a GRP roofing system.

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